March 3, 2020

Dominican Republic Trip – 2020

It’s time for a trip recap!

Jesse and I made an agreement several years ago to skip any and all “gift giving” holiday’s and instead put that money into a savings account for future trips we would like to take. Instead of Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary gifts, we save up our money and travel instead! We’re pretty strict about this and it’s become one of my favorite things that we do for our marriage. I’m a huge believer in experiences and memories being WAY more important than “things”.

Sometimes the trips we take are local – Philly, New York, DC. Sometimes we wake up on a day in January and decide that we’re absolutely sick to death of the cold and need to be somewhere warm as soon as possible, so we book a trip to the Dominican Republic for 3 weeks later. And it’s honestly just the best. Warm weather is my love language.

Nothing in the world feels as good as being in a dead, mid-winter, North-Eastern state and 4 hours later stepping off a plane in a warm place, with sunshine, flowers in bloom and the smell of salty air. (Full disclosure, I got a little bit teary eyed when I saw flowers in bloom. I apparently missed them way more than I realized!)

On the second day of our trip we left the resort, hopped in a jeep and went for a drive! (Driving in Punta Cana is honestly more nerve wracking than driving in NYC. Pure chaos.) We had two really incredible guides who showed us a local, self sustained farm. At the farm we learned so much about the local life, the plants they use for medicine, and the way of living for rural areas in the DR.

After our time at the farm, we hopped back into the jeep and drove to another location where we went zip lining and horseback riding. We also got to go to a cigar factory and roll cigars! We ended our day with an evening at the beach and the best fried chicken I’ve ever had that came from a small shack on the beach!

Jess and I spent the rest of the trip by the pool and on the beach with a book in one hand and a drink in the other! (I read 4 books from start to finish, which for me is honestly the best way to spend a trip!) I also got a freak heat rash that showed up out of nowhere and covered me in hives! So weird! I don’t think my pale, Pennsylvania skin was ready for the sun!! 100 SPF is my new best friend!

We came back feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever is left of winter – but crossing our fingers that maybe winter is over?? Thanks to the Dominican Republic for sharing its warmth and beauty with us!

xoxo, Jeannie

PS: I took all of these images on my iPhone! To learn how we edit our phone pictures to keep them bright + cohesive, click here!

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