This is the part where photographers toot their own horns for a little bit and tell you about all the cool places they've been and all the cool things they've done. But I don't want to do that.

Instead, let me tell you that our dream for our couples is to capture the real, raw, authentic, joy-filled times of your life. We strive to document your most priceless moments with timeless, light-filled, joyful images. We believe that having a beautiful marriage is more important than having a beautiful wedding day. We adore the small moments, that smile when he calls you "wife" for the first time, full on belly laughs and lingering kisses.

When we’re not behind the camera you can find us in our kitchen whipping up something delicious, playing with our pup, doing renovations on our 95 year old home, or planning our next trip. No matter where we are, I can promise that you’ll find a cup of coffee in our hands and our music, (typically a weird mix between Eminem, John Mayer + Journey), turned all the way up.

We're happy you stumbled onto our little corner of the internet.


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quick facts about me

+ Fresh Manicures
+ Day Planners
+ Breakfast for Dinner
+ Gardening
+ Lavender Lattes
+ Peach Rings
+ True Crime Podcasts

A few favorite things...


+ Tacos
+ Audio Books
+ Cigars
+ Woodworking
+ Craft Beer
+ Hot Sauce
+ A Good Game of Pool

A few favorite things:


Morning Kickstart: Cortada
Nightcap: Old Fashioned

Morning Kickstart: Lavender Latte
Nightcap: Aperol Spritz

happy hour drink

Our go to

1) First Look
2) Watching Mom + Dad cry during the ceremony.

1) First Look
2) When the bride sees herself in her dress for the first time.

wedding day moments

Our Favorite

- Lemon Drop Peppers
- Brussel Sprouts
- Green Beans

- Beets
- Fresh Herbs

garden grown goodies


+ Hiking
+ Cooking
+ Working in the garden
+ Playing with our pup
+ Road-tripping (with a good audiobook)
+ Lazy days by the lake

to do together


Our Travel Bucket List

Paris, France


Turks + Caicos

Santorini, Greece

Bora Bora, Tahiti

Banff, Canada



Where you might have seen us:

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