January 3, 2022

The Best of 2021: Wedding Edition

It’s time to share The Best of 2021!! I’m starting out this mini series of posts with some of our favorite moments from weddings!!

2021 was a year for the record books for us. If I’m being fully transparent with you, I’ve been sitting at my desk for far too long trying to figure out exactly how to put this past year into words. How to summarize a year that had some extremely high highs, and some very low lows. 2021 was a year making up for all of the postponements of 2020, plus our typical full wedding season. So basically 2 seasons packed into on year!

This past year tested us in so many ways. It tested our creativity, it tested our skills and it tested us mentally and physically! We shot in cities, in back yards, in tents, in churches, in pouring rain and blazing summer heat. We truly got the full gambit of possibilities this year!

The year in summary:
– Launched our mentorship program.
– Had our first summer intern (who was truly the best!).
– Took 175.537 photos (roughly).
– Shot 42 weddings.
– Shot 62 portrait sessions.
Had this feature in Wedding Chicks.
– Cried behind my camera approx. 100 times.
– Drank roughly 1000 cups of coffee.
(Please don’t ask how many hours I spent at my desk editing, culling, emailing, blogging, etc. I can’t count that high!!!) 😛

As I look back over 2021 I’m filled with gratitude. I’m so grateful that we got to have a very full wedding season, especially after last year! So grateful that all of our postponed couples finally got to have their beautiful and special day! I’m so grateful that so many families trusted us without question on one of the biggest days of their lives.

To the worlds best second shooter, Jesse: You’re a rockstar. You absolutely killed it this year. I love that we get to work together every weekend celebrating love. Thanks for keeping me sane and hydrated every single wedding day.

To our 2021 couples: YOU’RE MARRIED!!!!! Despite so many obstacles and postponements and revisions, here you are! Thank you for a phenomenal year

As we look toward this new year, I’m already so excited for all of the sweet couples that we get to work with! I never ever want take the privilege that this job is for granted. We’re going into 2022 with a full heart for sure! Big things happening in the year to come!

Every year when I pick my favorites I go way overboard! I obviously can’t share every favorite moment we had this year, but here’s a peek into some of our most favorite moments of 2021!

Enjoy this peek into The Best of 2021: Wedding Edition!

This day POURED rain but these two didn’t care because they finally got to get married!!!
Really fell in love with soft focused moments this year!
Also fell in love with nighttime/blue hour shots this year!
How dear is this first look moment?!
These two shared private vows in the vineyard before their ceremony and it was so precious!
One of my favorite shots of the year! The moon showed up during golden hour right at the top of this image!!
This day was the colorful wedding of my dreams!
Anthony’s reaction to see Amanda in her dress for the first time was just the best!!
Their son walked Amanda down the aisle and gave her away! How sweet is that?!
Some of my most favorite bridal portraits from this year!!
They had their pup at their wedding day and now I want dogs at every wedding!
This wedding day had a a 4 AM wake up call, but the colors we got during sunrise made it 100% worth it!!
A hard moment that hit close to home.
That “WE DID IT” feeling is something special!!
So many precious moments between Maryclaire and her dad on this day!
Such an iconic location to shoot at!
Adore this sweet candid moment!
An iconic Philly moment.
This bridal party was just the best!
This bow was my absolute favorite!
Highly recommend zooming in on Jason’s face when he stomps the glass! Apparently it’s bad luck if you don’t break it on the first try so he was DETERMINED!
All of the fall vibes on this day!
This felt like a fairy talk/talk to the animals moment!
The most glorious sunset for these two!!
Love those fall colors!!
This day was a Christmasy dream!
That’s a wrap on our favorite wedding moments this year!!!
A years worth of Lytle Selfies <3

If you enjoyed this post, take a peek at our favorites from the 2020 wedding season right here!!

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