January 5, 2021

The Best of 2020 | Lytle Photography Company

2020. What a whirlwind. As I was gathering these images for this “Best of 2020” post I was a giant bucket of tears. Me crying about wedding images probably won’t come as a huge shock to anyone. 😉 But these tears were tears of overwhelming gratitude. Gratitude that even though wedding season wasn’t anything like what we had anticipated, it was still a beautifully magical year. We still shot weddings. Love was still celebrated. We still got to be a part of family legacies. We still captured moments that people’s grandkids will look at 60 years from now.

And here I sit. Blown away with gratitude once again that this is what I get to call my “job”. Thankful that, in the midst of one of the hardest years that most of us have ever faced, we still got to feel unbelievable amounts of love.

Weddings looked so incredibly different this year. Some weddings ended up being 10 people in the middle of the woods, exchanging vows. Others ended up being held on zoom. Some downsized but were still able to have a whole big party! No matter what it looked like, it was still beautiful. And I still cried behind my camera. 😉

Being a small business owner was just downright tough this year. As postponement after postponement rolled in I started to cringe a little bit every time my phone would ding with a new email. We’re so thankful for the grace and patience our clients had with us throughout this year, and for the constant support love and support we received from couples who now feel more like family.

To our 2020 couples: Thank you. You adapted and pivoted and rearranged plans more times than I can count. We loved being a part of your day!

To our 2020 couples that turned into 2021 couples: We know you made some of the toughest decisions ever when you postponed. We love you and we can’t wait to celebrate with you this year. I know you didn’t plan on waiting this long, but your day will be incredible when it finally get’s here!

I had roughly 300 images in my favorites folder but there’s no way I can include them all in this post! So, while these are not ALL of my favorites, these are my TOP favorites.

I’m holding onto BIG hope for 2021, and all the joy and love that it’s sure to bring us!!

Enjoy a little peek at our favorite shots from 2020, and make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom for behind the scenes shots from this year!

Our first wedding of 2020! In January. In the coldest temps I’ve ever shot in! We had no idea what was coming our way just 2 months later!
This bridal party was AMAZING and not a single person said a word about the fact that they were freezing!!!
This was the next time we shot anything in 2020. Nearly 6 months due to the shut down.
These two chose to elope with just their parents and siblings!
Adore these two!
This mother/daughter moment. My heart.
This moment felt so big and so important.
Jesse kills it with our grooms!!!
I adore this shot of Andrea and Pete so so much!!!
I knew the moment my shutter clicked that this was going to be one of my new favorite shots!!!! I mean holy cow.
This sweet sibling moment. My heart. Again.
This family just had their 4th under 4 years old!! We shot their session in a sunflower field in honor of Diane’s father who passed away this year. Sunflowers were his favorite.
Spotted a whole bunch of dolphins right after I took this shot and SCREAMED SO LOUD from excitement!!!
Our first October wedding of a jam packed fall wedding season!!
This was shot in her parents back yard with the most GLORIOUS sunset!!
The next few were taken at our fall mini sessions! I lovelovelove all of the joy in these!
This sweet family. Just darling.
The light at this engagement session was just dreamy!
One of my all time favorite rings to photograph!
This first look reaction. Priceless.
This black and white bridal shot is one of my all time favorites.
Give me allllll the long and flowy veils.
I love watching parents+ their babies snuggle up in front of the camera!
I bawled like a baby during these vows.
Ben and Michelle did a private reading of their vows before their first look and it was so incredibly intimate and precious.
Those donkeys in the background didn’t stop watching us during our entire time we were shooting in their pasture!
One of my most favorite images of my entire career.
Obsessed with these florals.
Forever chasing sunshine.
Christmas minis were a favorite!
Squeezed this session in right at the end of the year and it was just dreamy.

That’s a wrap on our Best of 2020 images! There’s hundreds more that I could share but I had to draw the line somewhere!

But we’re not done yet!! Keep scrolling to see some behind the scenes shots from our 2020 wedding season! Jesse is so much better at remembering to take BTS shots, so most of them are of me. But we all know he’s the glue that holds everything together!

100% could not feel my hands or feet at this point.
My hair was frozen stiff here. I would do it all over again because this wedding day was a magical winter wonderland.
Yes that’s a step stool. I’m 5’3″ so I bring this little guy with me everywhere.
I will always and forever cram myself into small spaces in the corner of hotel rooms if that’s where the good light is!
Shoutout to Jesse for helping my short self hang dresses!
Prepping for first looks!!
Jesse is the king of making friends with groomsmen!!

Every Lytle Couple knows that no wedding is complete without at Lytle Selfie!! I started this tradition in 2018 and we get one with every single couple at the end of their wedding day! Love our Lytle Couples so so much!

If you enjoyed peeks of these weddings days you can find full blog posts by clicking right here!

  1. Samantha Tobin says:

    I love all of these pictures!! Cannot thank you enough for shooting our wedding and weathering the cold! All of our pictures turned out amazing!!

    • Jeannie Lytle says:

      We loved every single second of your wedding day! Frozen toes and all!!! Still so grateful that you chose us!! xoxo, Jeannie

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