October 22, 2019

Melanie + Josh | A Fall Sunrise Engagement Session in West Chester, PA

Jeannie is a morning person – I am not. Where Jeannie loves to go to bed early, get up at 6, and be a productive bee at 6:01, I would prefer to drink a cup of coffee at 10pm and power through work until 2am. Jeannie falls asleep on the couch at 8. I only use 1 syllable grunts for the first 2 hours of being awake.

Which one of us do you think enjoys getting up in the morning for sunrise sessions?? You guessed right. Alllll that being said – Melanie and Josh made me so incredibly happy to be tagging along for their sunrise session. At one point I was laughing so much Jeannie asked me to stop because it was weird.

These two are an absolute blast! The way they interacted with each other was so warm, it took the chill out of the fall morning – and let me tell you: IT WAS COLD! And I was dressed in layers. The two of them had to be freezing, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the way they acted in front of the camera. How they talked to each other, posed with each other, and joked with each other….. It was so incredibly obvious how perfect they are for one another.

Jeannie and Melanie are basically each other’s spirit animals. It felt like we had known this couple for years, instead of just a couple hours. They were so incredibly generous and gifted us with coffee, beers (my love language), a mug, and a pint glass (which I am drinking out of right now). I can’t believe how incredibly blessed we are to meet such amazing people.

Despite my natural instincts of being a night owl, this session was so much fun I might actually be changing my mind about early mornings. Check out the happiness of these two below.

– Jesse

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