October 12, 2019

Andrea + Peter | A Fall Tandem Bike Engagement Session in Allentown, PA

When Andrea and I started planning their engagement session she asked if she could bring a tandem bike along with them for their session. Of course I said YES because I’m always down to try new things! I thought it was a super cute idea, but during their engagement session they told me the reason for the tandem bike and my heart melted a little bit.

Andrea + Peter have made the tandem bike their mascot of sorts. Tandem bicycles are a two person job to ride. You can’t ride them by yourself. In the same sense, they wanted to bicycle to stand as a symbol of never having to go through life alone. They’ll always be a two-person team, working together to get through life.

If that’s not the sweetest thing in the world, I don’t really know what is. You guys know I’m a sap. But honestly, it’s just too precious.

Another favorite thing from this session? The look on Peter’s face every time he looks at Andrea. All the love in the world, written all over his face. If you don’t believe me, start scrolling and enjoy this peek into their session!


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