Tori + Nico | A Dreamy Weeping Willow Lehigh Valley Fall Engagement Session


September 27, 2019

Before I book any of our couples I like to get to know them a little bit. I think it’s so important that we’re a good fit together, since we’ll be spending a ton of time together on the biggest day of their lives. When Tori reached out, I asked her to share a little bit of their story with us, just to get to know them. I wasn’t even close to ready for all the heartstrings that were about to be tugged on.

”Nico and I have actually been engaged going on two years now. I’ll give you the quick version of our story. Nico is from France, and came over to the US on a basketball scholarship to East Stroudsburg University, where we met! Prior to that, he came over a few times with his semi-pro basketball team for a tournament at Kutztown University, which also gave us an emotional connection to Folino- being that it is located in Kutztown! Things have come full circle. After Nico graduated from college in in 2016, he was permitted a one-year work visa which allowed him to stay in the states. During that time, we struggled with not knowing what was next. When his work permit ended, he unfortunately needed to return home. This was a tough period, but 3 months later I was able to go visit him and explore France for 2 weeks! A few months after that, Nico came to visit for a friends wedding, I picked him up at JFK airport and we spent the day in the city. We went to rent boats at the Loeb Boathouse on Central Park’s lake, and that is where he proposed. After that, Nico unfortunately needed to return back to France while we worked on our paperwork to petition for his K1 Fiance Visa. During this time, we did not see each other for 411 days and he finally returned home last November!” – Tori

411 DAYS. Jesse and I did long distance for 6 months, but we never went more than 3 weeks without seeing each other and I thought that was the absolute WORST. I can’t even image 411 days.

When we met up for their engagement session it was insanely overcast and the rain was looming. But these two didn’t seem to care at all. They were just in love with each other and soaking up being together. I’m so grateful that they’ve given us the privilege of capturing their love story.

We can’t wait to shoot their 2020 Folino Estate Wedding! Enjoy a peek into their session!

PS: Make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see the part in the engagement session when Tori got attacked by a pack of wild animals 😉


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