January 14, 2019

Our First House | Lytle Photo Co. | Kutztown, Pennsylvania

I’m writing this post for the second time because my website crashed the first time I wrote it and I lost the entire thing. I can literally hear my father in my head telling me to “save, save, save” anytime I’m doing computer work. I didn’t save. So here’s our second try at this. ?


So, here’s the story: We looked at 17 houses before we found this one.


The search for something we loved/something in a reasonable budget/something that didn’t need tons and tons of work/something in an area we loved was longgggg.

But we walked into this house and fell in love. We put an offer on this house in October. The sellers counter offered. We countered back. They countered again. And then we got a call that they had accepted another offer that was higher than ours.

To say I was a little brokenhearted would be an understatement. In my head I had already dreamed up all of the things I wanted to do in this home. I had a Pinterest board full of ideas about how my office would look, a garden outlay planned, a reading nook planned for the attic…the list goes on and on. And then it was gone.

We were right in the middle of a SUPER busy photography season, Jesse’s job was crazy busy, we were coming up on the holidays and life was just nonstop. We put the house hunting on pause and focused on busy season and getting through the holiday chaos.

Fast forward to our December “first anniversary/birthday/Christmas” trip to Mexico. We were sitting in the airport in Philly and we found out that this house was back on the market after the other offer fell through. So, we re-signed all of the paperwork and made an offer while we were in the airport! We got a call while we were in Mexico, swimming in the sunshine, that we bought a house back in Pennsylvania!

What seemed like the biggest disappoint ended up being perfect timing because our winters are a little bit slower for us. And if going to Mexico and buying a house in PA isn’t just like us, I don’t know what is. ?

I’ll have more pictures coming soon, but our new house is currently half-painted/half ripped apart for some renovations so here are pictures from the original listing to give you an idea of what it looks like! We love this house so so much and we’re so grateful for this new adventure. ❤️?

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