August 23, 2018

Sunset Family Session // Lytle Photo Co. // Fair Haven, New York

Ok. I know I say this every single time I blog a new session…. but this session was seriously the BEST. Like, my favorite.

Lauren and I have been besties since we were like 12. We’ve been planning this family session for MONTHS. I’m not exaggerating. This session was a solid 4 months in the making. Jess and I have been planning a trip to Upstate New York for our yearly camping trip for about a year and Lauren decided to book a family session while we were up there. Every other day since they booked we’ve discussed this session. Outfits. Location. Outfits again. Time. Outfits some more…. She literally would wake up at 3 AM and send me texts about how excited she was for these pictures. No pressure or anything. 

Finally the blessed week came!!!! And it was supposed to rain a decent portion of the time. And then some family stuff came up. And then the trip got cancelled, and then un-cancelled, and then cancelled again.

And then I drove to New York for these pictures and we found the most beautiful field, with the most beautiful sunset, and the kids were literal angels the entire time. And I cried editing these because they are actually perfect and my childhood best friend has grown into such a beautiful adult and wife and mom and I’m an emotional sap. 

I’m going to stop rambling and let you check out the beauty for yourself. But for real… best session ever. 

Love, Jeannie

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