1:1 Business Mentoring

For entrepreneurs looking to make their businesses profitable and successful from day one.

- Finding a client management system that works for you.
- Creating a top notch client experience.
- Managing business expenses.
- Developing workflows.
- Creating proposals.
- Navigating payment plans.
- Organizing all the things.
- Figuring out how to price yourself.

Here's the picture:

- Feeling like your business runs you.
- Things falling through the cracks.
- Inbox overwhelm.
- Not getting paid what you're worth.
- Having a client experience that doesn't leave your client's feeling thrilled....

if you struggle with:

if you're tired of:

- You left a corporate job to follow your dreams and chase your calling but now you feel like your business is running your life....
- You created a side hustle that turned into a blooming business, but now you feel a bit like a fish out of water....
- You went to school for something that was 100% NOT business, but now you find yourself in a business that you love but you're unsure about all of the ins and outs....

welcome to the club friend!

It's time to get some help!

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frequently asked questions


No!! This is for any small business owner who wants to level up their client experience and organize + streamline their processes!

Do I have to choose from a list of topics?

No! These coaching sessions can be tailored to whatever your specific needs are!

How many hours do I have to book?

You can book as many as you would like! however, We'll only do up to 2 hours per session! More than 2 hours at a time can be an overwhelming amount of information!

Where do these mentorships take place?

They can be done in-person at my office, or online via zoom, so there's no limit in location!

Make this year the time that you take control of your business...

Get your systems organized...

Create streamlined workflows to keep things from falling through the cracks...

Get your time and peace of mind back...

if you're ready to:

Leave your clients feeling wowed at every single turn...

Let's make this your year!





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