Tools + Apps We Use to Make Beautiful Phone Images

I don’t typically take my big camera with me everywhere I go, but I do take pictures everywhere I go, so making sure that I have a phone that takes great pictures is super important to me! I currently  have the iPhone 7 Plus, and while the camera quality is great, sometimes I’ll take a bunch of pictures throughout the day but look at them later that day and feel like they didn’t do any justice to how pretty the actual day was!! Most times my  SOOC (straight out of camera) shots don’t portray the “pops” of color that were actually there in real life! These are the apps that I use to make sure my iPhone pictures look bright, colorful and beautiful!


Lightroom Mobile - I do all of my editing for my images in the Lightroom desktop app, so for me it makes the most sense to also edit all of my phone images in the Lightroom mobile app! I basically put all of the same tweaks on it that I would from the computer and I’m done! However, Lightroom is part of Adobe Creative Cloud. I pay for CC, so unless you already have an account this app won’t work for you! And because there are so many free apps it won’t make sense to use this app. Don’t worry, I’ve got a free app that will work great for you! (Keep Reading!!)

tools i use to make beautiful iPhone photos
tools i use to make iphone images beautiful

Snapseed - This app does basically the same thing that Lightroom Mobile does, has built in filters, has a “healing” tool (goodbye unexpected forehead pimple), and tons of other options! And it’s free!!


Touch/Retouch - This one helps remove unwanted objects in your pictures (lightpoles, street signs, power lines, etc). All you have to do is open the image up in the app, trace the object you want to remove, and press GO! The app does the rest!


Some other apps that I’ve used in the past are VSCO + Filmborn! Both apps are great, but I typically stick to just the top three! I hope this helps make your phone images bright and beautiful!!



Xoxo, Jeannie