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June 7, 2019

We’ve had so many couples (and families!!) bring their pets to their sessions over the past few months and we’ve LOVED it!!! Priority number one when bringing a pet along with you to your session is to make sure the session location is pet friendly!

Here are a few other lessons we’ve learned along the way!

1. Bring an extra friend to help take care of your pet!

  • Your pet won’t be in every single image so bring someone who’s familiar with your pet along to take care of them in the in between times when they aren’t in the shots!

2. Bring lots of treats!!!

  • Bring your pet’s most favorite treat along to do a little bit of bribing!

3. Bring their favorite toy!

  • New environments can be a little bit of sensory overload for some pets. Bringing their favorite toy or a familiar blanket along for your session can help keep them calm.

4. Bring poo-bags to clean up after your pet!

  • This point seems self explanatory! Just make sure you’re prepared to clean up after your pet!

5. Bring lots of water and a bowl!

  • This is especially important during hot summer sessions!

6. Be flexible!

  • If your pup is calm and relaxed right away that’s great! But if they’re hyper and need to run and explore for a little while too, that’s fine as well! If you get stressed out about your pet “performing” during your session, your pet will feel that anxiety and it will make your session so much more tense!


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