Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Rehab Sessions


January 23, 2018

I’m super excited to share two really special women that I have the pleasure of knowing and working alongside with you today!

Meet Lindsey McLaughlin and Casey O’Neil. Lindsey is an Occupational Therapist and Casey is a Physical Therapist and both have Doctorates in their respective fields. They are honestly some of the most genuine and sweet people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. We met when we all had a mutual patient. I instantly loved their upbeat personalities and how much love they showed for their patients. 

They decided to branch off on their own and start their own company, Leaps and Bounds Pediatric Rehabilitation. They provide a host of services including Picky Eaters Feeding Group, Sensory Friendly Haircuts, Developmental Play Groups, Therapeutic Listening, Pain Management, Feeding Therapy and plenty more. Basically, the ladies are just major ROCKSTARS! I love what they do! 

This past year I had the privilege of capturing the grand opening of their rehab. I also got to partner with them to help bring photo sessions to some of our families of kids with special needs, sensory needs and medical needs. Being a pediatric nurse has opened doors for me in photography that I hadn’t anticipated. It was honestly such a privilege to work with Casey and Lindsey to bring photography to families who generally wouldn’t be able to have family pictures taken, in the comfort of their own home and environment, where everyone felt safe and happy. Casey and Lindsey provided sensory input and all around support during our sessions.

I’m all about these #BossBabes and have so much respect for the work they do for their kids with superpowers!

Here’s a little peak at what they do and what we were able to accomplish together. Make sure you go check out their page, just click here!

~ Jeannie



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